About Us

Lien Nguyen was born in Paris to Vietnamese parents and trained as an electrical engineer (X-Telecom). After a career in Silicon Valley, she retired and turned to the only really important matter: food! An award-winning author, she has published several cookbooks, which blend culinary topics with culture and history.

contact: lien@erfoe.com

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Dr. Mike Nichols is a classically trained physician (Med School at Loyola U. of Chicago, Residency at Stanford), with training as a surgeon and emergency medicine experience. He has been helping people get the maximum out of their life for decades, using methods adapted to each person: diet modification, exercise, dealing with stress and mindfulness, and sometimes even pills.

contact: mike@erfoe.com


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Chef Charles Vollmar, an honors graduate of the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, is the founder of Epicurean Exchange, a popular chef, cooking instructor, recipe developer and wellness coach. His classes and work emphasize foods appreciation and exploration, essential skills and techniques, as well as prevention and lifestyle enrichment.

contact: charlie@erfoe.com